In Office Dental Equipment Service

  • $150 standard labor an hour
  • $175 an hour emergency Rate
  • No travel fees within the Spokane area ($75 an hour for travel outside of the Spokane area)
  • Additional time billed by the half hour
  • Best rates around for a qualified technician
  • Paper free emailed billing requested

Dental Handpiece Repair

We service almost every type of dental handpiece.  Please feel free to ask for a quote.

Added Services


Dental Merchandise

We try to provide the best service we can.  If that means helping you find what you need in the merchandise department then we are up for the job.  We are working with Pearson Dental Supply to bring more possibilities to your practice.  With local offices I print custom tags for each order until they are updated.  With Pearsons great prices its a win, win, win!  Please ask me if you have any needs I can help with.  

Scrap Metal

I am now the local scrap metal representative for Doral Refinery.  I wouldn't provide this service if it weren't with a official EPA certified company.  This company also sends you a second check after the metal has been refined.  I am confident that I give the best bang for the buck with your security and environment in mind.

Used Equipment Sales

We are now ready to sell your equipment.  This means you can show us your equipment that has been collecting dust or taking up space! Here's how it works:

*We take images and definitions of the items you want to sell.  We find a buyer and charge 20% commission for what sells.

(Please understand that we cannot guarantee sale of any equipment and anything sold is "as is."  We take an office's word on condition and functionality.  We can do repairs and modifications upon request for regular repair fees.)

We now have a way for you to sell your equipment yourself if you have time for that.

Remote Technical Support

Millers Dental Service is happy to provide support to all of our remote customers.  If you have an office that is located in a remote area and find it costly and difficult to get a technician to your location then please consider us to take care of your needs.

Things you need:

• High speed internet connection

• Cell phone (smart phone) connected to internet

• Person in the office that can turn a wrench

• Tool kit (we can provide you with this)

• Parts kit (we can provide you a tailored kit to fit your equipment needs) You get 10% off continued order of parts after your initial kit is ordered

We can assist you with downloading the free apps required for a virtual face to face conversation (Face Time, Skype, Tango)

Our services are only $100 an hour for our highly trained technician to assist you.  Our minimum charge is one hour.


Please feel free to share with us if you need an assistant or hygienist.  We would love to help.  We are in many offices that continue to need qualified members to complete their team.  This service is now being provided well through Spokane Dental Peeps.